Here are some answers to questions we get asked frequently.

What services does WJB Landscaping offer?

WJB Landscaping provides a wide range of landscaping services including lawncare, grass cutting, property maintenance, sod installation, gardening, fertilizing, and seasonal clean-ups. Whether you need regular maintenance or a complete garden makeover, we have you covered.

How long does it take for sod to establish after installation?

The time it takes for sod to establish varies depending on factors such as weather conditions, soil quality, and watering practices. Typically, sod will begin to establish roots within 2-3 weeks after installation, but it may take several months to fully integrate into the soil and achieve a lush, uniform appearance.

How often should I fertilize my lawn?

The frequency of fertilization depends on various factors such as soil type, grass type, and climate conditions. Generally, we recommend fertilizing your lawn 3-4 times a year, ideally in early spring, late spring, summer, and fall, to promote healthy growth and vibrant greenery.

What is involved in a seasonal clean-up service?

Our seasonal clean-up service involves removing debris, leaves, and other organic matter from your property, trimming shrubs and bushes, edging flower beds, and preparing your garden for the upcoming season. It’s an essential part of maintaining a tidy and well-kept outdoor space throughout the year.

Do you offer customized gardening services?

Yes, we offer customized gardening services tailored to your specific needs and preferences. Whether you’re looking for a new garden design, planting recommendations, or ongoing garden maintenance, our experienced team can create a personalized plan to bring your vision to life.

Can I schedule lawn maintenance services on a recurring basis?

Absolutely! We offer flexible scheduling options for lawn maintenance services to accommodate your needs. Whether you prefer weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly visits, we can set up a recurring package to keep your lawn looking its best year-round.